Planning your retirement with us

We work with our client with Goals based retirement planning approach, assess feasibility and monitor progress. 


a different approach

JPS we offer a different portfolio strategy – it is guided by our proprietary quantitative algorithm that adapts and react to the global financial markets. 

retirement accounts

choosing the right account matters. we will discuss taxable and non taxable account and work with your trusted advisor to find a fitting solution.

risk management

Solutions to provide income during life and at death for the surviving spouse or heirs. 

accurate planning

We provide a goals based plan to map a route towards an achievable retirement and assess the viability of the plan annually. 

Get Excited to move

The process is easy!


contact us

let’s schedule a meeting ! 


discover and plan

the discovery of your goals, needs and create bridge towards these goals


implement and monitor

meeting on an ongoing basis to make sure we stay on track

We help thousands of people

JPS manages retirement plans for over 5,000 people throughout the United States. 

You ask, we answer


We make it easy and we will guide you every steps of the way. from the planning to implementation and the monitoring of our progress

As investment Advisor Representative we charge an asset charge that varies with the size of your portfolio – Our fees are clear and always discloed on your statements. 

We communicate with you on an ongoing basis to make sure you are aware of the changes in your portfolio and to review our progress. We are always available to talk and discuss changes in your life that would affect your goals.